Adeel Mufti
Adeel Mufti
Software Engineer - Consultant


I am a Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the field, working for American software companies. I have a Bachelors in Computer Science from Virginia Tech in the US, and a Masters in Technology Management from Georgetown University in Washington DC.

I've had a passion for computing and software development from an early age, writing my first program in Quickbasic on DOS at the age of 10. I take pride in writing elegant code and creating highly functional systems.

I value iterative development, with involving the customer early and often in evaluating the system. And I believe clear communication is essential in the success of a project.

I am currently located in Pretoria, South Africa, though I travel often between the United States and South Africa.

I am offering my expert services as a freelancer / consultant in both these regions.



I am a seasoned Java developer. I have built many enterprise applications in Java over the years. I can build full stack, scalable, and reliable Java applications for your organization.


I am well versed in cloud computing and the latest related technologies. In my current projects the entire infrastructure is in the cloud. I can help your organization in transitioning to the cloud to reap benefits such as cost savings, flexibility, scalability, and many more.


I have been developing web applications for a long time. In my experience, a good web application has a clean and intuitive design, and engages the user seamlessly. I can create a complex web platform for your organization that is dynamic and scalable.


Having a presence in the mobile ecosystem is essential for any modern organization. I can create cross-platform mobile applications from the ground up, or scale your existing applications down for mobile devices.


I consider database design, creation, and management to be some of my strongest skills. A solid and flexible database backend is necessary for fast and reliable function of your IT infrastructure. I can assist your organization in setting up, or improving on, a sound database backend.


Machine Learning is at the cutting edge of modern day technology. It can be used for various real world functions that can improve your business operations and customer satisfaction. I can assist your organization in using machine learning algorithms for a variety of tasks.



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